Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where the Columbines Grow

Peter and I spent the first weekend of February in Denver Colorado with our good friends and newlyweds, Angie & Nate Middleton. We absoulty love them and Denver and always have a great time when we are there, it is such a beautiful place.
Saturday was a big day for us! We started out with breakfast at Cafe Terracotta,, a great little place that Angie and Nate introduced us to when we were in town for their wedding in May.

The last time we ate there was during lunch and I had the Terra Cotta Cobb which was delicious and I have recreated several times at home. I am a sucker for bacon and bleu cheese so this was a no brainer for me! This time we were there for breakfast and we ordered Bloody Mary's due to the promise on a wall plaque that they won first place in the annual Litteton, CO Bloody Mary it is, it sure does look pretty, but I have to say we were all disappointed in them as they were fairly bland. Nate tried to doctor them up with A1, this helped....but still not that great. The food however was excellant!

I enjoyed the House Fittata......after being scolded by Nate.....I guess I didn't realize that when we were conversing about the menu and he mentioned this tasty dish that it meant no one else could order it....he and Angie both (guess she didn't care about breaking the rules) seemed happy with their choices and each had The Louthan House Special which looked great. Unfortunatly the photo I took of their food was far to blurry to share.

Peter enjoyed his Meat Lovers Omlete.....what's not to love when you have an abundance of fat and salt all on one plate! Happy husband for sure!

After breakfast we stopped by to visit Angie's mom Christine and her new puppy Windsor. What a cutie this little yellow lab is! Even Peter melted and commented how much he would love a puppy......I think I am still going to hold out for a baby instead! :-)

Saturday evening we hit the town! We took the light rail, I really wish we had one this nice and convient in Atlanta, to downtown Denver where we stopped at several great places.

The night started out with a drink at the Jet Hotel,, which has a very swanky lobby. Peter accidently may have insulted the bartender, that I have a good feeling was homosexual, when he was asked where he would like to sit and he answered by saying over there so we can "gaze" out the window..... a bit of tense moment, which was completly unintentinal, I am pretty sure there were no hard feelings.

We were then off for a light dinner and martinis at The Cruise Room,, located in the Oxford Hotel. This place was great and screamed 007, I was expecting to see Pierce Brosnan at any moment.
I had a pear martini which was very lovely and not too sweet. We also shared some appetizers which were delicious. Crab & Shrimp Tater Tots, which I hope to be able to recreate at home, and Baked Brie with Roasted Garlic, Olives, and Roasted Red Peppers.....heaven! And in case you are wondering, there is nothing wrong with my camera, the entire room was lit in red light, great ambiance here.

We were then off to the Wynkoop,, a local brewery that we played pool at during one other visit to Denver. However this time, after having a brew in the bar we were headed downstairs to watch improve comedy at Impluse Theater. I am happy to say almost all of our suggestions were used in the act and we have out 5 minutes of fame for the evening.

We had a great night, it was so nice to hang with Angie & Nate and to see the sites in downtown Denver!

Sunday we stayed in and watched the Super Bowl and the whole crowd was happy that the Giants won! We had lots of great football food, spicy cheese dip, chili dip, shredded chicken sandwhiches, and meatballs. Unfortunatly I was far too busy....OK, I take any photos of the food, but I assure you everything was delicious.

Angie & Nate, thank you again for yet another memorable weekend, we can't wait to see you soon in Atlanta!

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Better luck with a puppy then a baby!