Monday, February 11, 2008

Cookies & Cakes...Oh My!

Spent sometime baking last week which I used to dread and now really enjoy. Unfortunatly it is not too friendly to the waist line so I try and share my creations with others.

I started with Chocolate Chip Cookies for some clients who were coming in for lunch at my office. Used a recipe that I recently found on that I loved so much I shared it with some of my girlfriends, The key to this recipe I have found is to under bake them just a bit. This way you get a chewy inside and a crispy outside which is the way I like them.

This go round I made the large cookies that the recipe suggests. Although they are beautiful I have to say the cookies were WAY too big. I would suggest making them the more traditonal sizes. Also, a thought, due to the texture of these cookies I think they would be great for making ice cream sandwiches, I think I will try that this summer.

I also made the Red Velvet Cupcakes from January's Cuisine at home.

These were excellant, the cake was moist and delicious. I ran out of red food coloring so they were not as red as would have liked, but this did not make a difference in taste.

The frosting was the most interesting part, it was a white frosting that called for you to make to a rue with milk and flour which is then chilled. After the rue is completly chilled it is added to 5.....yes 5.....sticks of creamed butter and sugar. It was wonderful, has a great texture, sort of like stiff whipped cream, and was not overly sweet. The recipe made WAY too much frosting, I think it was a good amount for a full sized cake but too much for the 24 cupcakes so next time I think I will half it.

I am happy to say that everyone enjoyed them. I let our neices Isabel, Sophia & Amelia frost them as I took them for dessert at my father in laws house. Here is their handy work......absolutly georgous! :-)

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