Monday, February 25, 2008

Atkin's Park Tavern

Saturday evening we enjoyed dinner with some neighbors at Atkin's Park Tavern,, in near by Vickery Village.

I love this "village" and we seriously thought about buying a home in the neighborhood and then thought better of it due to the amount of house you get for the price. There is no denying however how beautiful the entire community is and we feel lucky to live with in just a couple of miles so that we can take advantage of the shops and restaurants.

Jennifer and I had the fish special and it was Divine! Probably one of the best fish dishes I have ever eaten. Unfortunately, I can not remember what the fish was but it was very similar to Sea Bass and was wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon and served on a bed of sauteed spinach and tomatoes as well as roasted red potatoes. The dish was finished with a light soy ginger sauce that I thought was excellent.

Peter got all adventurous and had the chicken fingers! I thought they were tasty, he thought they were good but kind of slimy. Not sure where slimy came from, I didn't think that at all. To each their own I guess.

Andrew had the blackened chicken breast, also looked good.

It was a nice evening and I look forward to eating here again soon.

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Anonymous said...

The chicken fingers were slimy because they used the same type of breading as on fish. So the breading was not really attached to the chicken, and between the crispy breading and the chicken was a layer of goo.