Sunday, January 4, 2009

Too Much Chocolate Cake

I know, there's no such thing! :-)

I was looking for a decedent, but easy chocolate cake recipe to make for Christmas dinner at my father in laws and ran in this one, which I loved because it allowed me to cheat a little bit and use a boxed cake mix! Shh....that's a secret!

Everything about the recipe made me think it would be rich, moist and decedent which is exactly what I wanted in a Christmas dessert so I also decided to make miniature cakes for some of my co-workers. There was one left over that Peter and I tried, which was good but not as moist as I had hoped it would be. I figured that making the larger version would make for a moister cake and I was right. This cake is fantastic and will become one of my go to cakes when I am in a hurry! The other great thing, you don't have to make frosting!!

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Anonymous said...

It was yummy.