Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have a real problem.....

I love cookbooks! I really, really LOVE cookbooks! And honestly, I have way too many and I really don't use them all. There is just something about them, I can't get enough. My favorite are those that have lots of photos, they help inspire me to make my meals look just a beautiful!

Here are the books I currently have in rotation (I am too embarrassed to post the instead of the cookbook cupboard). I leave them on the shelf over the kitchen sink to remind myself to actually look through them and use them rather than only using my latest one which I have been known to do.

Yesterday, I feel off the wagon so to speak and picked up yet another one! Tyler Florence's, Dinner at My Place. There I was killing time at Barnes & Noble before an appointment and it called to me. I just had to have it. Not only because I really enjoy Tyler's shows on Food Network and have made (and really enjoyed) several of his recipes, but also because this man it sexy as all get out! I just love him! :-)

Does anyone else have this addiction or is it only me? I wonder if there is a Cookbook Buyers Anonymous group in the Atlanta area.....


Deb said...

I love Tyler Florence so I know how it would be unrealistic to pass up one of his cookbooks. In fact, my Christmas dinner was completely all Tyler recipes as I changed things up a bit this year.
I wouldn't beat yourself up so much for collecting cookbooks. There are worse things in the world!

Marion said...

Like mother like daughter. On my wwish list Ina Garten's new cook book, and any book by Thomas Keller of the sFrench Laundry. I had the honor and pleasure of cooking from his cookbook with my friend and GM of my company for all of our colleagues. We had a blast!

For me Anthony Bourdain rocks my world!!