Saturday, August 2, 2008

Schwartz's Deli- Montreal Canada

We have just returned from our yearly trip to visit Peter's family in Montreal. We had such a great time and ate A LOT!

Schwartz's is a Montreal staple and our favorite place to have lunch. They are known for their smoked meat sandwich which is so delicious that people literally line up outside the door to get one (no matter the type of weather).

Although the Smoked Meat Sandwich is the main attraction you also need to accompany it with a few of Schwartz's other delicious treats.

The cherry soda is fantastic and one of the only sodas that I will drink with full sugar.

Also, the big dill pickles are a must. Our nephew Riley was not so interested in his smoked meat however, the pickle was a hit has you can see.

And of course who can have a sandwich with out french fries? These are some of the best around.

If you get the opportunity to go to Montreal do not pass this one up!


Cody said...

Gravy-less fries in Montreal? Crazy!

PeTeR said...

Riley ate my pickle. More like overcame the pickle with his gums and 2 teeth. Ok, maybe he has more than 2 teeth.