Monday, August 11, 2008

Cheesecake Disaster

Cheesecake is one of our favorite desserts and I have made cheesecakes before but never one that needed to be baked, so I tried a baked version over the weekend.

I choose this one from Epicurious, because of its promise of being light and fluffy rather than dense and creamy.

The recipe seemed easy enough. I had no luck finding orange- flower water so I diluted orange extract with some water. The meringue took much longer to come together (20 minutes) than the recipe said that it would but other than that I had no troubles.

Into the oven it went. I was rather proud at my parchment job and sealing the bottom of the spring form pan like Fort Knox with the foil.

The recipe says to bake for 55-65 minutes or until the top is golden and the cake trembles slightly. I baked it for about an hour, the top was very golden and the cake did tremble a bit so I thought everything was perfect.

Last night my in-laws came for dinner and I was so proud to present my cake. It looked so beautiful, I felt like I was really going to impress everyone. Then I cut into it......

Apparently I did not bake it long enough! We had cheesecake pudding rather than the decedent cake I had hoped for!

What a bummer! All I could do was laugh and try to find the good in it after all that work. Luckily the top of the cake was cooked enough so that we were able to get an idea of how the true cake would have tasted. The flavor was excellent and the texture was what I was looking for which are both positives, so I will just have to try this one again.

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