Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Celebrations

Today we honored the wonderful mother's in out lives.

We stated the morning with brunch at our house with my mom Marion, Peter's mom Jackie, and our sister in law Lindsey. On the menu was ham, roasted potatoes & onions, and fruit salad.

We also celebrated Norman's birthday, his favorite cake is red velvet so I tried my hand at this one from,

It was beautiful and the berries really added something. The only downfall was the texture of the cake. The flavor was great, but in reading the reviews many people commented that the texture was a bit dry. I took the advice of others and added a 1/3 cup of oil to the batter, but still found it to be a bit dry.

We were then off to my father in law's house to celebrate with Cristina. I made blueberry pie again and the filling was fantastic! Much better than my last go round and I think this is because the blueberry's are more in season. But for some reason the crust, which I have made several times, did not come together as well. I think it may be due to the wet weather we have been having, I am not sure, but I could not get it to be as firm as it usual is.

Lindsey also made delicious mac & cheese. This is a Kallos family fav and was enjoyed by all.

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Abby said...

Your cake is gorgeous!