Monday, May 26, 2008

Grilled Pizza, Pie Trouble & Left- Over Bliss

Long weekends are the best, here I sit in my PJ's, in my living room, on a Monday! Few things could make me happier right now.

On Saturday night a few friends came over and we made individual Grilled Pizzas. Peter and I make these pizza's once or twice a month, we just love them.

Start with a ball of store bought/ pizzeria dough. I use Publix pre-made dough which can be found in the bakery section. Cut into individual portions and roll out. Place on hot outdoor grill for about 3-4 minutes (be careful, you can burn them easily) then flip to brown the other side. Top with desired toppings and cheese and return to grill to melt everything together.

The leftover pizza toppings always find a good use. This time we made omelets for breakfast. Peter's was very boring (nothing new there) with just sausage and cheese. Mine was a crazy mix of all the left over veggies and some feta cheese.

For dessert I tried making this Chocolate Caramel Cream Pie from Martha Stewart Living,

I have had pie trouble the past few weeks and it is becoming rather frustrating. It all started with the dough.....again. I made it Friday night before heading to bed, everything seemed fine, came together as the recipe said it would and was not wet. Then around 12:30 am insomnia set in so I decided to get up and bake the crust. The only problem being it would not roll out. The dough was firm enough, however it kept cracking into large chunks. I worked at "saving" this dough for about an hour, kneading it, adding water, adding flour, rechilling.....nothing worked. So, I threw it out and started over and had the exact same issues. Finally, I decided to pick up a pre-made crust in the morning and said to hell with it.

Making the filling and the caramel whipped cream topping was a breeze....or so I thought. When I brought it out of the fridge to serve, it looked fantastic. However, when I cut into it, the filling was runny, the texture of pudding. Everything tasted really good but the consistency was not right.

Feeling defeated I called my Mom, who has a degree in the Culinary Arts, explained the entire situation and she thinks that all this trouble really is due to the weather. It has been very wet and humid recently, not ideal weather for making pies. I am going to run with this thought and hope she isn't just being nice to me because I am her daughter! :-)

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