Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peter makes Carrot Cupcakes....And I Helped! :-)

Since I broke my right arm at work last weekend.....who knew the office could be so dangerous.... cooking has been a bit of challenge. I do have a removable brace so I can do somethings, but too much stirring and chopping doesn't work so well. Anyhoo, my dear husband (who is probably afraid of starvation) has been helping out a lot.
On Monday night we made Carrot Cupcakes from Everyday Food. This is a go to recipe for me, it is quick and easy and is one of Peter's favorites.

They tasted awesome! He did over fill the the papers so they "grew" together but that was OK, it gave them character.

A note about this silicone muffin sucks!!! Way too flimsy and if you don't put a paper in them you can't get the muffins out. So we chucked it in the trash.

Here is Peter making the frosting for the cupcakes. He didn't want to take my advice about putting more frosting on the cupcake than you really need to make it easier to frost, but what do I know......

He still had a ton of fun.

I think we should make cooking together a regular thing.

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The ShizNibbitRibbit said...

Muffin delight is what I'm all about. Super delicious frosting straight popping into my mouth. Oh what a feeling.