Sunday, April 27, 2008

Several Martha Stewart Recipes

During the past few days I have tried my hand at several Martha Stewart recipes.

Very good and at least gave us the illusion that they are healthier than traditional bar wings. There were several left over, and although they still tasted good, they get a bit soggy in the fridge.

It was then on to Antipasto Salad (also from the May Everyday Food) for lunch at the office. I really enjoyed this as it was not only healthy but fast, perfect for a quick bite at my desk on a very busy Friday afternoon.

And last, but not least, was Chocolate Thumbprint cookies,, which I worked on this morning. I just tasted one and it was very good, however they are not yet totally set so I am not sure how well they will package.

Had fun with all of these recipes and will probably make all of them again.

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