Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Cooking Fun

Cooked and baked for several hours on Saturday and had a blast, Peter reaped the benefits as well and seemed to be a happy husband!

Started with making dough for calzones that were in the Feb. issue of Cuisine at Home. Most everyone knows this, but Peter's pizza addiction is truly a disease, so I knew he would appreciate this. Anyhoo...I have tried pizza dough several times and it never seems to work well. This was tasty and the texture was good but still I thought the dough was stiff. I refuse to give up though and will try again soon, will probably invite some friends over to try this recipe out on since we liked it so much.

Then it was on to carrot cake as requested by Peter. The frosting was really yummy but I personally did not try the cake due the the walnuts. Peter, and all the friends I shared it with, seemed to really enjoy it. Got the recipe from which was shared with me several months ago by my friend Tracy. I love this site, gives lots of info and photos of every recipe. I have made several and have always been happy.

Then moved onto making the marinara sauce, also in Feb. Cuisine at Home. I really liked it, Peter would have preferred it to be thicker, but the flavor was great. Then it was onto the filling and baking of the calzones. Mine was Chicken & Spinach (Feb. Cuisine at Home) and Peters a creation of his own with Canadian bacon, mozzarella and green peppers. I also added some of my plain chicken as I made too much.

All and all everything turned out well and I will make all again.

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