Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Cooking

Peter has been growing a basil and tomato plant for me and I could not be more excited. Both plants are doing excellent, although the tomatoes are not yet ripe enough to eat. The basil plant however is thriving and I took the opportunity to make fresh (and organic) pesto.

The recipe from the Martha Stewart Living- New Classics cookbook was very simple. The pesto made the whole kitchen smell great and I can not wait to try it over pasta for dinner and in an egg white omelet with cheese for breakfast.

It is unbelievable how much pesto this recipe made. According the the directions it will last up to one week in the refrigerator, so I will be sharing some with friends as not to waist any.

For dinner I made King Crab Legs, one of Peter's absolute favorite meals. I have to admit though that I do not make them that often as I find cooking them a bit daunting.

This time though I am happy to report that it was a lot easier. For my birthday (in March) Peter bought me a fantastic new set of aluminum cookware and I have been loving them! The large stock/pasta pot made steaming the crab much easier to manage and cutting them into pieces made for even cooking.

The night was beautiful and we enjoyed the crab on the deck. A great way to end a relaxing weekend, delicious food and a happy husband.

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Typical Jealous Woman said...

Peter is such a marvelous husband! If he was my man I would never let him go. Growing both basil AND tomato's for the family? How does he do it?