Monday, April 27, 2009

This Years Crop

I has been about 5 weeks since I blogged. Honestly I have not been in the kitchen too much as of late. I have been busy with work, friends, family, ect. But 5 weeks is way to long to wait to do something you enjoy, so I will make a strong effort to come up with interesting topics so blog about.

Over the weekend Peter planted our 2009 vegetable, herb, and berry garden. On this years menu we have an assortment of tasty treats that I can't wait to start using!

Tomatoes, both regular & cherry. We had so many tomatoes last year, I am hoping for the same this go round.

Basil. How can you grow tomatoes and not have fresh basil to go with them, right?

Parsley & Cilantro. Peter planted a curly variety of parsley, I normally use flat leaf in my cooking but we will give this one a go.

Thyme. I use this herb a lot, having fresh on hand is going to be great.

Green peppers. I love a green pepper, but honestly don't use them that often. Any idea's for recipes?

Last but not least, a blackberry bush. This bush was a spur of the moment thing, we walked by it at Lowe's and it seemed like a good idea. We will see how we do with it.

What makes all of this even more exciting is that all of our plants are going to be organic and they are planted in our very own compost! We love composting and recently just bought our second barrel.

It is amazing, truly amazing, how much less trash you have when you start composting & recycling. We used to fill up our entire trash can every week, usually to the point where the lid didn't close. Pretty sad when it is just the two of us and the dog! Now that we compost and recycle we are usually throwing away only 2-3 bags of trash a week! It feels so good to be doing something great for the Earth and to get great soil for planting!


Deb said...

I am glad you are back. I, myself, have been absent for a while. Love that you planted a garden and I like the rain barrels.

Simply Life said...

oh that's so fun to have those plants!